Neighborhood Services


The Neighborhood Services Technician (NST) is a hybrid of parking enforcement and code enforcement for the City of Arroyo Grande. The NST essential function is to perform a wide variety of tasks such as providing information, educating the public, and conducting appropriate investigations. In addition, Neighborhood Services provides enforcement of the alleged violations generated by public complaints or observation to ensure compliance with regulations in the Arroyo Grande Municipal Code (AGMC).

Code Enforcement

The code enforcement aspect includes the enforcement of regulations related to temporary signs and banners; abandoned, junk or inoperable vehicles; unauthorized living in recreational vehicles; grossly unreasonable accumulations of garbage, trash, or any other material that create an unsafe or unhealthy condition for the neighborhood or the public in general.

Parking Enforcement & Vehicle Safety

The parking enforcement component of this position entails observing and/or marking vehicles and determining conformity with applicable parking regulations; issue warnings and/or citations as appropriate for violations of parking regulations, laws, or ordinances; locate abandoned vehicles on public property and public right-of-ways including, but not limited to 24-hour and 72-hour parking violations as defined by the AGMC by reviewing reports and citizen complaints and through proactive patrol activities. The Neighborhood Services Technician also patrols the village for the two-hour parking limit and will issue citations if necessary.

To report a concern in your neighborhood, please use our Citizen Request Tracker system.

Please be advised that communications directed to the City, its legislative bodies and their members (i.e., City Council, Planning Commission) or City staff are public records, and are subject to disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act and Brown Act unless exempt from disclosure under the applicable law.