Chief's Welcome

On behalf of the dedicated employees of the Arroyo Grande Police Department, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. I hope as you navigate through the information a picture emerges which shows our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our community. On July 14, 2020, after I took the Oath of Office as the Chief of Police, I committed to provide a level of service to our residents, business owners, and visitors so they feel welcome and safe in our community. This model of policing is accomplished by the daily efforts of our officers, professional staff and volunteers.

Policing in the 21st century has dramatically changed and the movement towards technology and better police practices has increased throughout the country. I am pleased to stand behind a police department that embraces continuous improvement. In doing so we have adopted the latest technological advancements to help support police operations and allow for greater efficiency in serving the public. Our policing efforts through the use of crime mapping, home and business video surveillance camera registry, body worn cameras, International Crimes Against Children technology and a contemporary records management software allow our staff to do their job more safely and effectively. 

As the Chief of Police I assume the responsibility to develop open communication, participate in community engagement, foster leadership in the organization and build a foundation of public trust with excellence in all that we do. I am a firm believer in surrounding oneself with exemplary people, and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to watch, listen and learn from many dedicated community servants, such as council members, the city manager, city department heads, city employees and members of the Arroyo Grande Police Department. I embrace collaborative working relationships to meet the organizations goals moving into the future.

I am pleased to lead a group of caring and courageous professionals that are committed to treating all people with dignity and respect and I pledge to recruit others who are the same. I, like many other members of the Police Department, are grateful to work in a community that appreciates them as well as supporting our efforts to deliver our motto of  "Ensuring Quality of Life".

Thank you again for visiting our website. We always welcome your comments and suggestions and invite you to become involved in our growth and success.