How will Measure D-22 impact me?

If approved, shoppers will pay an additional 1.0% sales tax on certain taxable purchases of goods and services in Arroyo Grande. If voters pass Measure D-22, the new City tax rate will increase to 2.5%, which is equivalent to $2.50 on each $100 spent on taxable goods. All Measure D-22 revenue would go to the Arroyo Grande General Fund to be used for municipal purposes.

Infographic of 10 dollar bill displaying where Arroyo Grande sales tax revenues go

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1. What is a sales tax?
2. What is Arroyo Grande’s current sales tax and how might it change?
3. Why will measure D-22 be placed on the November 2022 ballot?
4. Have Arroyo Grande residents passed any other sales tax measures?
5. How will Measure D-22 impact me?
6. What will happen if Measure D-22 does not pass?
7. How can Measure D-22 help resolve infrastructure issues in our City?
8. What are the sales tax rates in other cities in San Luis Obispo County?
9. Is Measure D-22 a special tax or a general tax?
10. Will Measure D-22 fund the roundabout at the Brisco-Halcyon Road interchange?
11. How has the City spent its “gas tax” money?