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Police Department

  1. Citizen Complaint

    A relationship of trust and confidence between members of the Arroyo Grande Police Department and the community is essential to... More…

  2. Fee Waiver Request & Criteria
  3. How Are We Doing?

    With a firm commitment to the community and a solid understanding our citizen's needs, the Arroyo Grande Police Department is committed... More…

  4. Neighborhood Services Technician Supplemental
  5. Police Report Request
  6. Records Clerk Supplemental
  7. Residential Parking Permit Application
  8. Volunteer Application
  1. Explorer Post #542 Application
  2. House Check Request
  3. Miscellaneous Police Employee Supplemental
  4. Police Officer Supplemental
  5. Public Service Request
  6. Report A Traffic Problem

    If you have a specific problem regarding traffic-related police issues, such as speeding, stop sign violations, red light violations or... More…

  7. Ride-Along Application