Traffic Enforcement

From the volume of complaints the Arroyo Grande Police Department regularly receives in person, through this website it is clear that traffic problems are some of the most important issues for the entire community. Responding to those complaints with proactive and effective traffic education and enforcement is a challenge and a responsibility the Police Department recognizes and readily accepts because traffic problems impact the safety of drivers and pedestrians in the entire community.

In a police agency such as the Arroyo Grande Police Department with limited personnel staffing, developing and staffing a traffic unit can be problematic, but not impossible with some creativity. The Police Department has one full-time motorcycle officer. While the primary duty assignment of the motorcycle officer is traffic enforcement, they may still be required to handle other non-traffic enforcement-related calls for service to assist the patrol officers. The motorcycle officer also handles the majority of traffic accident investigations due to their expertise in traffic accident investigation. Such is the reality in a small police agency.

The motorcycle officer focuses their enforcement efforts on traffic violations that are the primary causes of traffic accidents at locations where those traffic violations occur most frequently. The goal of the motorcycle officer is really the prevention of traffic accidents through traffic education and enforcement. In the City of Arroyo Grande, the most prevalent types of traffic violations, and ultimately traffic accidents, are excessive unsafe speed and failure to stop for the red phase of a traffic light or a posted stop sign.