The Arroyo Grande Police Department patrol officers that respond to incidents every day and conduct preliminary investigations are highly trained professionals who are normally fully capable of conducting the appropriate follow-up investigations of the majority of the incidents they encounter. But sometimes patrol officers encounter incidents that they simply cannot investigate in their assignment as patrol officers. These incidents demand specialized investigative expertise, coordinated assistance from outside law enforcement agencies and/or a significant investment of time and personnel. The Patrol Services Division is not designed to provide those types of investigative service.

The Investigations Section assumes the responsibility for investigating incidents that surpass the capacity of the Patrol Services Division personnel. The investigation normally moves from the preliminary investigation conducted by the patrol officer through a supervisory review in the Patrol Services Division and the Investigations Section to assignment to one or more Detectives based upon the specific nature or complexity of the investigation.

The Support Services Commander oversees the Investigations Section, assisted by a Police Sergeant, two (2) Police Detectives and one (1) part-time Reserve Police Detective. The Investigations Section is able to handle investigations from the simple to the complex, from assaults, burglaries and thefts, robberies, fraud and identity thefts to sex crimes and even the rare homicide. Although the members of the Investigations Section have been thoroughly trained in the recovery, processing and storage of physical evidence and contemporary investigative techniques, sometimes the nature or severity of the crime demands even more expertise. In such cases, the Investigations Section can and will call upon and work with outside law enforcement resources at the County, State or Federal level.

The Investigations Section staff regularly attends training seminars to ensure that they are proficient in contemporary evidence recovery and investigative techniques. Training for a Detective, and for that matter any Police Officer, is a never-ending process as law enforcement techniques and tactics continually evolve at a rapid pace. To ensure that the lines of communication remain open and that information flows freely among all the law enforcement agencies in the County, the region, the State and at the Federal level, members of the Investigations Section regularly attend meetings with those outside law enforcement agencies to exchange ideas and information.

For more information regarding the Investigations Section, please contact the Support Services Commander at 805-473-5110 or the Detective Sergeant at 805-473-5110.

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