How often does the City Council meet?

The City Council holds its regular meetings on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. Other special meetings are scheduled as needed.

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1. Is there a filing fee involved in my candidacy?
2. May I sign my own Nomination Paper?
3. What happens if some of the signatures I obtain on my nomination papers are not registered voters or do not live within the City?
4. What if I change my mind about being a candidate after filing nomination papers?
5. How soon will a list of qualified candidates be available after the close of the nomination period?
6. May I change or correct my Candidate’s Statement after it has been submitted?
7. If I submit a Candidate’s Statement, and I change my mind, may I withdraw the statement?
8. Must I form a campaign committee?
9. May I be the treasurer of my own campaign committee?
10. May I appoint an assistant treasurer?
11. Does the City of Arroyo Grande have campaign contribution limits?
12. What happens if either my treasurer or I forget to sign a campaign disclosure statement?
13. If I realize that a mistake has been made on a signed campaign disclosure statement that has already been submitted to the City Clerk, can I get it back and make the correction?
14. When will the official results of the election be received and certified?
15. How often does the City Council meet?