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1. What was the Governor’s Order?
2. How much does the City of AG need to conserve?
3. Why did the City declare a Stage 1 Water Shortage Emergency?
4. What does a Stage 1 Water Emergency mean for residents?
5. How much do the different tiers need to save?
6. Where can I get more information on the mandatory restrictions in place?
7. What are the Ongoing Mandatory Conservation Measures?
8. How much water do I use?
9. How can I find out my baseline?
10. How many gallons a day do I need to save? What does that look like?
11. What is the City doing to help me conserve and what rebate programs are offered?
12. When do the restrictions begin?
13. I already conserve to the best of my ability, what do I do?
14. Do you have any tips for water conservation?
15. What are the fines/consequences if I don’t hit my conservation numbers?
16. How do I appeal?
17. What if more people move into my house or other change of circumstance?
18. What is a unit of water?
19. Can I use greywater for landscaping?
20. Why isn’t the City instituting a building moratorium?
21. Why don’t more commercial and/or agricultural consumers have to cut back?
22. Why do farms/wineries not have to cut back?
23. Is this going to get worse?
24. What about the school district and other big businesses?